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Attic Flooring

Attix can provide a very simple storage solution in your roof space by installing an Attix flooring package. We would install an appropriate Attic ladder to suit your situation, and construct a pre engineered light storage floor to create an easily accessible, simple place to store excess ‘stuff’! If you would like to protect your valuable items from dust, high temperature, and pests then check out our Dustproof room packages.

Our flooring packages include:

  • Attic ladder
  • Attix light storage flooring rated to 75kg p/sqm, plus you moving around up there.
  • Constructed to Engineer specification to achieve above weight ratings.


If you require weight ratings above 75kg p/sqm, we can explore the option of Heavy Duty Storage. This consists of organising a structural engineer visit your home to design a floor and provide engineering certification. Attix are registered builders so you can be sure your home, it’s structural warranty, and any related insurances are safe.


About Us

Established as Roof Access Systems in Perth over 25 years ago, Attix is a continuation of this WA family owned company. Specialising in the manufacture, supply and installation of domestic and commercial ladders for roof access, Attix now has an outstanding reputation for quality products, professionalism and customer service.