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Dust Proof Rooms

We specialise in providing our customers with an insulated and dust free attic storage area intheir roof space. We custom design and install a variety of attic storage packages to maximise use of your roof space and to ensure that you have an easily accessible, safe and clean solution for your storage of items such as tax records, golf clubs, Christmas trees, suitcases, out of season clothes and more!

What’s involved in creating attic storage space?
Attix has a team of consultants, builders and engineers in the Perth metro area and we will arrange a time to inspect your roof space. We will give you an idea of how much attic storage is available and if any structural modifications are required. 

We will suggest the style of attic ladder, which will suit your budget and attic usage, indicate the floor area, usually between 5 and 20 square metres, that you can utilize for storage space. We’ll also give you some options regarding attic ventilation, lighting and loft insulation. We will leave you with a fully detailed quotation for your attic storage solutions project.

Our professional carpenters/installers between 2 and 3 days to complete dependent upon the situation we are presented with. They are polite, punctual and fully house-trained so you won’t have to clean up any mess once they’re finished.

Our Dustproof room packages generally include:

  • A fold down Attix ladder of your choice
  • Structafloor attic flooring - engineer certified
  • Lining of all walls and ceiling with premium silver insulation
  • A dual ventilation system which doubles as a skylight
  • A roof space access door to the remaining roof space outside the storage area


About Us

Established as Roof Access Systems in Perth over 25 years ago, Attix is a continuation of this WA family owned company. Specialising in the manufacture, supply and installation of domestic and commercial ladders for roof access, Attix now has an outstanding reputation for quality products, professionalism and customer service.