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How far can you let your imagination run wild thinking about an attic conversion in your home?

Depending on how much roof space you have, it can be utilised in an infinite variation of ideas when you undertake an attic conversion. We have professional draftsmen and structural engineers who draw up the plans and we are licensed builders, experienced supervisors and qualified craftsmen to install all aspects of your loft conversion.

We take care of the plans, Council approvals, and full construction of attic conversions.

Contact us to discuss your attic renovation ideas. We’€™ll send out one of our consultants to discuss your ideas and come back to you with an estimate of costs for a new attic living space. Check out our gallery below of past projects that will inspire you!


About Us

Established as Roof Access Systems in Perth over 25 years ago, Attix is a continuation of this WA family owned company. Specialising in the manufacture, supply and installation of domestic and commercial ladders for roof access, Attix now has an outstanding reputation for quality products, professionalism and customer service.