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Premium Storage Packages

Our Premium Storage Packages are becoming more and more popular. The end result is a room which is designed for storage, but has all of the comforts of a habitable space. These rooms are perfect for heavy items such as filing cabinets, dislpay cabinets and even furniture.

The floor is custom designed by our structural engineer to have a high weight bearing for holding those heavy items and the roof is restructured to create a finished room free from any of the original roof timbers. Access can be provided with one of our high end attic ladders or we can construct a custom fixed staircase which will meet all BCA requirements. 

A combination of LED downlights and openable Velux windows will ensure plenty of light and ventilation within the room.

These projects normally take 4-6 weeks for construction.


About Us

Established as Roof Access Systems in Perth over 25 years ago, Attix is a continuation of this WA family owned company. Specialising in the manufacture, supply and installation of domestic and commercial ladders for roof access, Attix now has an outstanding reputation for quality products, professionalism and customer service.